Sunday, March 30, 2014

ARE 6933 UF Grad Art Education program
Art in Alternative Spaces

The theme of the my current course is art education in spaces outside of the classroom setting. We have been encourage to get to know our communities and find what grassroots, public, or established organizations exist as outlets for the arts.
I began my research in the art district of the Roosevelt and wanted to contrast it with what the Phoenix Art Museum and city of Phoenix had to offer, essentially grassroots, community grown art education versus, the art establishment. I got nowhere with either of the projects I attempted at the PAM and abandoned them.
I wandered up to the Mesa Arts Center and immediately had welcomed contact with education director Billy Jones. We arranged to meet and he was both willing and eager to help me along. Many thanks to Billy for being so receptive, friendly and informative.
The first strike at the project I visited the site and found they were hosting numerous projects and festivals at the same time including AZscitech fest, Spark Festival for creativity, and the Amyloid project, all of which are captured in the short film.
The next film will show my further research and visits to the classroom facilities.
So without further fanfare I present
Mesa Project part 1