Friday, May 9, 2014

A Wonderful Little Project

I had a wonderful time at the Musical Instrument Museum Phoenix 
presenting four educational programs over the last two days (May 8th and 9th)
MIM theater shortly before the students arrived

It was my second year as an Artist and Residence or AIR performer at the MIM after several years of presenting Museum Encounters. 
AIR set up

This year in addition to the theater presentation I also took part in a project with the Tesseract school.
Poster for the event and some student works at the Musical Instrument Museum.

I sat with several classrooms of students talked about my art, music, and life. The students then listened to my cds studied my art and made art of their own.

Student works and some Asian art on display in the 
education classroom.

The MIM education classroom is ornate with shadow puppets gongs and other figures the student exhibit added to the over all experience. A small collection of my works and one from Regula were also displayed to show part of the inspiration for the students works.
Some of my works and one from Regula on display at the MIM.
It is always nice to have your works in a museum no matter what the occasion or situation many thanks to Shelly White, Barbara Perez and the wonderful students at the Tesseract school. It is a great feeling to anyone pay attention to your work be it music or visual art, but to know that my inspired the works of others is certainly a thrill.
A few works that I really enjoyed the piece below from Abigail Wilkes.

This whimsical work from Logan DeSayes

And this imaginative abstract piece from 

Best wishes to all of the students and teachers I got to meet, keep up the good work. Many thanks to the MIM for letting me take part in the AIR program.
Jonathan Sanchez (Johnny 2 Snakes)

 A few extra pics from the MIM

Shadow puppets in the MIM education classroom