Sunday, January 20, 2013

Portrait Jonathan Sanchez

Jonathan Sanchez
Artist, musician, field archaeologist, museum worker and educator

BA in Physical Anthropology,
BA in Fine Art Studies

Collections Technician and museum educator, Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Museum worker general, Museum of Cultures Basel, CH
Museum worker general, Museum Liner, Appenzell, CH
Museum worker general, Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte, Appenzell, CH
Museum Educator, Western Museum of Mining and Industry Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Field archaeologist, UCCS, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Field archaeologist, Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, NM, USA
Collections technician, Nature and Science Museum, Denver, CO, USA
Collections technician, Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Paintings (traditional artwork)
As an artist I have been able to exhibit in seven countries, sell many works, and be involved with both gallery and museum exhibits. I currently display works throughout the Southwest of the US having returned from extended stays in Switzerland and Italy.

Music projects (performer, photographer, songwriter, and producer)
Music has been a vital portion of my life experience since church choirs as a child through recording, writing, and producing CD releases. I have been able to live from music and perform countless shows in several countries.

As an Educator
My latest adventure has been a journey into the world of education. Having worked for several museum education departments I have decided to focus on art education through a mostly online graduate program. It is my hope that I will be able to use what I learn through the program to enrich the museum programs I present through the Musical Instrument Museum and other institutions. Below are photos of the Delta Blues themed Museum Encounter I present for MIM.
Slides or bottlenecks of various materials and sizes with a voodoo hang.  
Demonstration of resonator guitars.                                                                                              

Research Interests
Museum education
Art therapy
Art in the penal system
Multicultural studies
Creative - Research Biography
My most recent research and application of research has been related to music ethnocology. Trying to trace the rooots of Delta and Piedmont blues of the 20's and 30's back to West Africa. Along the way trying to relate the multicultural aspects of the Blues (from Celtic to Spanish influences) to the overall history of the genre. The goal of this research was to add a historic and cultural component to a lively and entertaining musical presentation. Being that the event was to take place at a musical instrument museum a look at the many stringed instruments and musical traditions of West Africa was needed. Through the process of weaving very ancient and current ideas together a profound respect and reverence for the multifaceted and living musical genre of the blues was instilled and hopefully conveyed through the program. 

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